Welcome to the Dingo's Voice on the Web!

Coo-ee from York, Pennsylvania, which is a long way
from most of the world's Dingoes.  This site, which
belongs to David Steward is being redesigned as
an informational resource, which means it's a "place"
where you can learn about ... well, what else?  
Dingoes, of course!

Welcome to my den!

My "alma mater" for practical canine behaviour was
the Dingo Sanctuary in Bargo, New South Wales,
Australia, where I learned from a hairy horde of
four-legged experts I remember fondly.  
To contact their human caretakers,
try Debbie or Denise.

This site aims to promote the
welfare and encourage the
preservation of dingoes as a
unique isolate of early
domesticated dogs, dispelling
myth and fostering an
improved understanding of
this much maligned species.

Background graphic:
Pat Lowe.

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